Friday, 27 March 2015

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We were treated to a great night of poetry on March 11th at Aberystwyth Art Centre's Chinwag night with guest poet Chris Kinsey and various 'Open Mic' readers, hosted by the Word Distillery. Chris entertained and inspired us all with a selection of poetry from her three books (Kung Fu Lullabies, Cure for a Crooked Smile and Swarf) as well as some new poems. She commented that it was the best open mic she had been to, with good quality poetry and no doggerel!

                                                              Chris Kinsey

Members of the Word Distillery will be performing a Homage to the Great War Poets on April 15th. at the Arts Centre and later on in the year we'll be reading with The Highgate Poets, date to be decided.

As it's the 10th anniversary of the formation of the group, we decided to produce an anthology of the work of current members which will hopefully be ready in the autumn.

The next Open Mic will be sometime in May - so, plenty going on!

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