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  1. I hope you don't mind me emailing you with news of a writing competition. I launched the charity Words for the Wounded www.wordsforthewounded.co.uk last year which raises money to help in the recovery of our wounded service personnel. This year we are supporting the Creative Arts Unit at Tedworth House Recovery Centre. Every penny from the entry fees and donations goes to the wounded. We raise money for the prizes in other ways. My son and son in law have been noble and done various Ironman marathons and Triathlons for us but this year my colleague and old school friend, Jan Speedie, and I are giving them a break and doing a sky dive. Yes, I know. My grandchildren say the same, 'You're mad.' But needs must.

    Words for the Wounded's 2nd writing prize is launched (www.wordsforthewounded.co.uk - raising money to help in the recovery of wounded service personnel). It has a 1st prize of £250, 2nd £100 and 3rd £50, and publication in Writers' Forum magazine. Entry fee is £4.50. We ask for poetry, non-fiction or fiction up to a maximum of 400 words on the subject of The Journey. It can be physical, emotional or both. The closing date is 11 March. Have a look at our website and you can get all the details there. I also do a W4W blog which includes writing tips which may be of interest (www.wordsforthewounded.blogspot.co.uk ) Our guest poets have been busy with their own work but are putting together posts any day now.

    I'd love it if your group felt able to enter the writing prize and even spread the word.

    Many thanks for your time.

    All best

    Margaret Graham

    1. Thank you for this, Margaret, it's good to hear about Words for the Wounded. I'll certainly distribute this information to the poets and poetry groups I'm in touch with.