Thursday, 25 April 2013

Three Word Distillery Poets at the Poetry Cafe, Covent Garden


 Tina, Nigel and Eluned carried the flag of The Word Distillery by
 taking part in the Poetry Moot at the Poetry Cafe, London on April 8th
 organised by David Parry.  It was Eluned's first reading at the Cafe,
 home of The Poetry Society and she will next appear reading
 Coleridge's Nightingale at the Homage to Coleridge event on May 9th.



Saturday, 13 April 2013

At the Poetry Cafe

Very very belatedly I'm posting the pictures from our London tour in November :-) The Poetry Place is tucked away in Betterton Street in Covent Garden, for those who don't know it. The offices of the Poetry Society are on the top floor, there's  a gem of a vegetarian cafe on the ground floor and in the splendidly (to me) 60s-type basement is the performance space.

We had a good audience and I think we all enjoyed reading there. Here we are (in no particular order)

 Allan Marsden

Marc Perry

Mike Smith

Nigel Humphreys

Tina Warren

Hilaire Wood